BRASSTAX Direct (BT-Direct) is a solution designed to transfer Assessment information from the PC into the E-Filing system provided by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negri (LHDNM). A lot of Research and Development time has gone into ensuring that BRASSTAX Direct is able to provide unrivalled Speed, Security and Ease of Use.


We are constantly working to deliver our customers with unparalleled speed. Many of our customers report being able to load the entire form C in less than 1 minute!


When it comes to electronic filing, you need to have maximum control over who is allowed to perform e-filing. BT-Direct provides a wide range of features that provide maximum security, and this has been independently tested and verified to International Standards.


Forget teaching your staff about TAeF, dealing with passwords. BT-Direct takes care of everything at the touch of a single button, and even automatically downloads the draft/ Final documents automatically.


Conforms to International Standards

We submitted BT-Direct for testing under the stringent standards of Common Criteria. BT-Direct v2010.1.0.0 was credited with EAL1 Certification under ISO/IEC 15408, which was tested by Cybersecurity Malaysia.


Malaysian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification (MyCC) Scheme is a systemic process for evaluating and certifying the security functionality of ICT products against defined criteria or standards.

MyCC Scheme evaluates and certifies the security functionality with ICT products against ISO/IEC 15408 standards which are known internationally as Common Criteria (CC). The methodology used in the evaluation is an Internationally recognised standard known as Common Evaluation Methodology (CEM) or ISO/IEC 18045.

Under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) requirement, a scheme must be managed by a Certification Body (CB). The Certification Body for the MyCC scheme is the Malaysian Common Criteria Department of Cybersecurity Malaysia. MyCB is responsible for carrying out the certification and overseeing the day-to-day management and operation of the scheme.

Audited Process Management

When it comes time to loading information into the e-Filing, it is important to know who is doing what with your Client’s Assessments. BT-Direct lets you see the details about the filing such as:

  • - Who did the filing
  • - When it was done
  • - For which client
  • - How many times has the data been loaded
  • - What stage is the filing at


BT-Direct allows you to control what aspects of the loading each of your staff are allowed to have access to. You control who is allowed to:

  • - Register new assessments
  • - Load the Assessment
  • - Approve the Assessment for Signing
  • - Do final Signing

Batch Loading

Our exclusive E-Filing Engine allows full unattended operation, which allows loading of single assessments or multiple within a single operation, and the Draft forms will be automatically downloaded once each form is successfully loaded.

Staff Passwords not Required

BT-Direct allows staff to access the e-filing without ever needing to know any passwords to access the TAeF. This removes the possibility of anyone being able to manually access and change any information once it has been loaded and approved.

Offline Verification

BT-Direct performs all of the validation that TAeF does, but it is all done offline. Now it is possible to get a single report telling you of all the issues that need to be resolved before the Assessment can be loaded into the TAeF.

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