• Group TaxBRASSTAX gives your organisation the tools that are required to : Reduce the risk of tax, Reduce your compliance posts and reduce the risk of human errorsRead More

  • BRASSTAX - Direct BRASSTAX Direct (BT-Direct) is a solution designed to transfer Assessment information from the PC into the E-Filing system provided by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negri (LHDNM).Know More

  • Tax ProfessionalWhether you are a preparing Tax for a living, or starting your own practise you will likely consider putting in place a Tax Software to assist you with the job.Read More


Having the software in the cloud, means that the Software allows you to work with your Client, Business Associates, Colleagues, Virtual Assistants and Other in real-time - whatever your business needs.

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Document Management

Provide the details that you need by attaching documents to your transaction

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Cloud Computing

Provide your staff and clients with the benefits of being able to access their information from anywhere in the world

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Paperless Reviewing

Review noted document the entire review process, and provide quich access to review points

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Integrated Workflow

Fully integrated workflow minimises errors and reduces risk

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Tailored Reporting

Tailor made reports allows you to present the computatuion in the best possible way to maximise to value to you and your client

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