Cloud Computing

Cloud computing


No more Installations, No more upgrades & No more Backups

Traditional software installations mean installing upgrades and doing your own backups. If you forget to back up your system, and something happens, then you will have lost all your data.

Using BRASSTAX online, means that you will always be using the latest version, and your data is always backed up. You just focus on providing the best service to your clients, and not worry about the technical IT stuff.

Cost Effective Scaling for Your Business

Growing companies, merges and acquisitions, and client locations mean in order to provide the best service, staff need to have access to data from multiple locations. BRASSTAX online makes it eaiser and more cost effective for you to scale your business.

Secure & Mobile Data

Ensure that that your application and your data are always available where ever you are without compromising on the security of your most valuable asset. Whether you are at a client’s site, or on holiday, you can always access the information that you need at any time of the day.

Provide Flexible Working Arrangements

Personal circumstances can affect work commitment from time to time. Now you can offer your staff flexible working arrangement that take advantage of easy access to the system from anywhere.


Mobile Computing

Nothing screams success like equipping you staff with latest in mobile computing technology like tablets and netbooks. They are both cheaper than ordinary mobile devices, and show your clients that your company is keeping up the latest advancements in technology and practices.


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