Paperless Reviewing


Reduced Operational Cost

Reviewing tax computations usually involves wading through printed documents to cross reference the values across the various documents. BRASSTAX lets you perform these reviews online without having to print anything. Not only is this faster, and more accurate than doing it manually, it also eliminates the costs associated with printing the documents.

Automated Audit Trails

BRASSTAX simplifies the task of reviewing by automatically creating links between related parts of the Tax Computation. These links can then be used to trace the values back to the details, and completely eliminates the guess work when determining what information was used to compute the totals.

Review anywhere and at anytime

BRASSTAX online delivers you the information that you need to review any tax computation whenever and where ever. This allows tax departments to respond quickly as work is completed, and review points delivered

Review Notes

BRASSTAX online allows notes to be added to every part of the Tax Computation to reflect decisions that are made during the preparation process, and during the various reviews. The review notes provide quick access to sections in the Tax Computation.

Automated Alerts

Review points usually require action from staff, business units, or clients. Usually these action items have tight timelines, and must be resolved before the tax computation can be submitted to the LHDN. BRASSTAX online allows you to automatically send alerts via email. These action items are automatically added to the list of ‘To Do’ items, which is updated each time the assessment is opened.


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