Document Management

Document Management

Keep it all together

Attach Excel spreadsheets, Images and PDF documents to any expense transaction to provide the information that supplement your client’s claims. You can view or download to re-edit Now you can be view the documents at any time. Brasstax online keeps the attachments together with the rest of the tax computations, so you don't need to worry about not being able to find that important document.

Extract the essential information

BRASSTAX online allows standard excel templates to be defined to provide supplementary details for business expenses. Templates can be setup for the system to automatically extract essential information but still allow flexibility for additional columns and rows to be added if required. For example, if your client was to provide you with a list of travel details, by filling in a standard template BRASSTAX could extract information like the total amount, and the amount could no longer be entered by the system (because it was loaded from the spreadsheet) - maybe we should split this into 2 sections. Once to show the they can create templates to standardised documentation and extraction of essential information

Automatic Backups

All your documents are automatically backed in the cloud. Additional redundancy is provided to ensure you will always have access to the documents when you need them.


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