EA-Link System Sdn Bhd is a pioneer in the Malaysian Tax Software, and currently services more than 400 Tax Professionals throughout Malaysia, along with a growing number of Listed Commercial Entities and Government Linked Companies (GLC). We have products that cater for the entire work flow and reporting required for a Tax Professional to prepare computations and final submissions for Borang C, R, B, BE, P, CP204A, CP204, CP204B.

We currently provide three different types of solutions:
  • - Compliance solutions specifically designed for demanding users such as Tax Professionals that operate in Tax Consultancy firms or in Commercial Firms.
  • - E-Filing Integration to allow information to be transferred into the Tax Department’s Electronic Filing system
  • - Taxpayer compliance solutions that are designed to make it simple for any Individual Taxpayer to prepare and submit their own Tax Returns without needing a Tax Professional. (www.taxsaya.com)


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